Date 2019ServiceMessage (Audio/Video)SeriesScriptureSpeaker
May 5MorningAnointing At BethanyEvening ServiceJohn 12:1-8Pastor Joshua Rager
May 5MorningHow to Care When You Don't Feel Like ItMorning ServicePastor Joshua Rager
April 28MorningThe AscensionThe AscensionLuke 24:50-53Pastor Joshua Rager
April 21MorningHe Has Risen!Easter SundayMatthew 28:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
April 19AfternoonThe CenturionGood FridayLuke 23:44-49Pastor Joshua Rager
April 14Morning3 Revelations About GodMorning ServiceDaniel 9:24-26Pastor Joshua Rager
February 17EveningHe is AliveEvening ServiceHebrews 4:12-13Pastor Joshua Rager
February 17MorningUnity with the Church: FellowshipMaking a Healthy ChurchPastor Joshua Rager
February 10EveningGod's RestEvening ServiceHebrews 4:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
February 10MorningLove for ChristMaking a Healthy ChurchLuke 7:36–48Pastor Joshua Rager
February 3EveningThis Do In Remembrance of MeEvening ServicePastor Joshua Rager
February 3MorningA Day of MiraclesThe Gospel According to LukeLuke 4:38-44Pastor Joshua Rager
January 27EveningThe Danger of Hardening HeartsEvening ServicePastor Joshua Rager
January 27MorningThe Authority of JesusThe Gospel According to LukeLuke 4:31-37Pastor Joshua Rager
January 20MorningThe Gift of SalvationThe Gospel According to LukeLuke 4:14-30Pastor Joshua Rager
January 13EveningConsider JesusEvening ServicePastor Joshua Rager
January 13MorningResisting TemptationThe Gospel According to LukeLuke 4:1-13Pastor Joshua Rager
January 6EveningOur God is GreaterEvening ServiceHebrews 2:9-18Pastor Joshua Rager
January 6MorningReal FoodChristmasJohn 6:52-58Pastor Joshua Rager
Date 2018ServiceMessage (Audio/Video)SeriesScriptureSpeaker
December 30MorningHe Will Come To..ChristmasPastor Joshua Rager
December 23MorningHe Came to Save the World!ChristmasPastor Joshua Rager
December 9EveningLook What God Has Done!Luke 1:46-55Pastor Jim Howard
December 9MorningElizabeth's Song of LoveLuke 1:39-45Pastor Jim Howard
December 2EveningGod's GiftPastor Joshua Rager
December 2MorningMaking Progress as a ChristianRebuildingNehemiah 4:1-23Pastor Joshua Rager
November 25MorningFalsehoods of RebuildingRebuildingNehemiah 3:1-32Pastor Joshua Rager
November 20EveningThanksigivngPastor Joshua Rager
November 18MorningLeadershipRebuildingNehemiah 2:10-20Pastor Joshua Rager
November 11EveningWhere Faith IsPastor Joshua Rager
November 11MorningFailing to Plan?RebuildingNehemiah 2:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
November 4EveningBeing SavedPastor Joshua Rager
November 4MorningBringing Prayer Back to ChurchRebuildingNehemiah 1:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
October 28MorningLove One AnotherPastor Roger Lyman
October 14EveningSpirituality in the ChurchPastor Joshua Rager
October 14MorningJesus Is Our CornerstoneBorn AgainEphesians 2:19-22Pastor Joshua Rager
October 7EveningWitnessingPastor Joshua Rager
October 7MorningFoodBorn AgainJohn 6:26-35Pastor Joshua Rager
September 30MorningFor God So LovedBorn AgainJohn 3:16-21Pastor Joshua Rager
September 23EveningBeing a DisciplePastor Joshua Rager
September 23MorningBelieveBorn AgainJohn 3:9-15Pastor Joshua Rager
September 16EveningWho are you?Pastor Joshua Rager
September 16MorningBorn of Water and the SpiritBorn AgainJohn 3:4-8Pastor Joshua Rager
September 9EveningThe Glory of GodCorinthians 10:31-33Pastor Joshua Rager
September 9MorningBorn Again!Born AgainJohn 3:1-3Pastor Joshua Rager
September 2MorningA Busy Lady not a BusybodyHow to do Church1 Timothy 5:9-16Pastor Joshua Rager
August 26MorningFive Loads and Two FishPastor Roger Lyman
August 19EveningHe Has a PlanHow to do ChurchPastor Joshua Rager
August 12EveningBalancePastor Joshua Rager
August 12MorningThe Family of GodHow to do Church1 Timothy 5:1-2Pastor Joshua Rager
August 5MorningA Pastor's Job DescriptionHow to do Church1 Timothy 4:11-16Pastor Joshua Rager
July 29EveningFear is a LiarPastor Joshua Rager
July 29MorningDistractionsHow to do Church1 Timothy 4:6-10Pastor Joshua Rager
July 22EveningThe Tests of FaithHow to do ChurchPastor Joshua Rager
July 8EveningHumble YourselfPastor Joshua Rager
July 8MorningThe Servants of the ChurchHow to do Church1 Timothy 3:8-13Pastor Joshua Rager
July 1EveningAvoid SinPastor Joshua Rager
July 1MorningAre you Sharing Christ or DemonsHow to do Church1 Corinthians 10:14-22Pastor Joshua Rager
June 24MorningA Fine Work 2How to do Church1 Timothy 3:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
June 17MorningThe Best FathersFather's Day 2018Job 1, 2, & 42Pastor Joshua Rager
June 10EveningBurdens of LeadershipPastor Joshua Rager
June 10MorningA Fine WorkHow to do Church1 Timothy 3:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
June 3EveningFighting TemptationPastor Joshua Rager
June 3MorningThe High Calling of WomenHow to do Church1 Timothy 2:9-15Pastor Joshua Rager
May 27MorningPraying for the LostHow to do Church1 Timothy 2:1-8Pastor Joshua Rager
May 20MorningFight the Good FightHow to do Church1 Timothy 1:18-20Pastor Joshua Rager
May 13MorningWhen You're Not ExpectingMother's DayGenesis 18:9-15; 21:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
May 6EveningFive Dangers for ChristiansPastor Joshua Rager
May 6MorningThe Greatness of SalvationHow to do church1 Timothy 1:12-17Pastor Joshua Rager
April 29MorningThe Bad NewsHow to do Church1 Timothy 1:8-11Pastor Joshua Rager
April 22MorningThe Goal of Our InstructionHow to do Church1 Timothy 1:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
April 1Easter MorningHis EmotionsProfiling JesusPastor Joshua Rager
March 30Good FridayThe Father Against the SonMark 15:33-39Pastor Joshua Rager
March 25MorningHis EmotionsProfiling JesusPastor Joshua Rager
March 18MorningHis ActionsProfiling JesusMatthewPastor Joshua Rager
March 11EveningUnmistakable SignsMatthewMatthew 24:29-31Pastor Joshua Rager
March 11MorningHis WordsProfiling JesusMatthew 5-7Pastor Joshua Rager
March 04EveningHow to Eat and Drink CommunionCommunionPastor Joshua Rager
March 04MorningUnity in DiversityGoActs 15:13-21Pastor Joshua Rager
February 25EveningThe Truth About LiesMatthewMatthew 24:23-28Pastor Joshua Rager
February 25MorningProtecting Jesus' BrideGoActs 15:1-12Pastor Joshua Rager
February 18EveningUntitledCommunionPastor Joshua Rager
February 18MorningThe Second Half of the Great CommissionGoActs 14:20-28Pastor Joshua Rager
February 11MorningTruthGoActs 14:8-20Pastor Joshua Rager
February 4MorningBoldly Go!GoActs 14:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
January 28EveningUntitledMatthewPastor Joshua Rager
January 28MorningWitnessing Gone WrongGoActs 13:44-52Pastor Joshua Rager
January 21MorningJesus Is the Rest of the StoryGoActs 13:13-43Pastor Joshua Rager
January 14EveningUntitledMatthewPastor Joshua Rager
January 14MorningThe Conversion of Sergius PaulusGoActs 13:1-12Pastor Joshua Rager
January 7EveningUntitledMatthewPastor Joshua Rager
January 7MorningHow Not to Have CommunionCommunionI Corinthians 11:17-22Pastor Joshua Rager
Date 2017ServiceMessage (Play/Download)SeriesScriptureSpeaker
January 1MorningFive I Will Statements of ResolveStandaloneGenesis 3Pastor Roger Lyman
January 8MorningThe Satisfaction of the CrossCommunionJohn 19:17-25aPastor Joshua Rager
January 8EveningStay off the Bench2 Timothy2 Timothy 2:20-26Pastor Joshua Rager
January 15MorningWhat Trials Can Do for YouJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
January 22MorningAskJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:5-8Pastor Joshua Rager
January 22EveningUntitled2 Timothy2 Timothy 3:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
January 29MorningMoney Does Not Equal SuccessJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:9-11Pastor Joshua Rager
January 29EveningHow to be a Minister2 Timothy2 Timothy 3:10-14Pastor Joshua Rager
February 6MorningWho's At FaultJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:12-16Pastor Joshua Rager
February 6EveningThe Things Jesus FinishedCommunionJohn 19:25-30Pastor Joshua Rager
February 12MorningGod is GoodJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:17-18Pastor Joshua Rager
February 19MorningThe Christian's SwordJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:19-21Pastor Joshua Rager
February 19EveningHow to use the word of God2 Timothy2 Timothy 3:15-17Pastor Joshua Rager
February 26MorningYou Can't Audit ChristJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:22-25Pastor Joshua Rager
February 26EveningTen Commandments for Pastors2 Timothy2 Timothy 4:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
March 5MorningWorthless or Worthwhile?James: Authentic FaithJames 1:26-27Pastor Joshua Rager
March 5EveningProof of the Death of JesusCommunionJohn 19:31-37Pastor Joshua Rager
March 12MorningFavoritism in the ChurchJames: Authentic FaithJames 2:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
March 12EveningFight the Good Fight2 Timothy2 Timothy 4:6-8Pastor Joshua Rager
March 19MorningHow to Avoid DiscriminationJames: Authentic FaithJames 2:8-13Pastor Joshua Rager
March 19EveningWhat to Expect in Ministry2 Timothy2 Timothy 4:9-15Pastor Joshua Rager
March 26MorningFaith Without WorksJames: Authentic FaithJames 2:14-20Pastor Joshua Rager
March 26EveningAbandoned2 Timothy2 Timothy 5:16-22Pastor Joshua Rager
April 9MorningWho is Jesus?StandaloneMark 11:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
April 9EveningOkay to Break God's LawMatthewMatthew 12:1-8Pastor Joshua Rager
April 23MorningTrue FaithJames: Authentic FaithJames 2:21-26Pastor Joshua Rager
April 30MorningOh Be Careful Little MouthJames: Authentic FaithJames 3:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
April 30EveningA Kingdom Against ItselfMatthewMatthew 12:22-29Pastor Joshua Rager
May 7MorningA Tongue Safety CourseJames: Authentic FaithJames 3:5-12Pastor Joshua Rager
May 7EveningThe Burial of JesusCommunionJohn 19:38-42Pastor Joshua Rager
May 14MorningThe Worlds Worst MothersStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
May 21MorningWhat Kind of Smart Are You?James: Authentic FaithJames 3:13-18Pastor Joshua Rager
May 21EveningThe Unforgivable SinMatthewMatthew 12:30-37Pastor Joshua Rager
May 28MorningIn Pursuit of PleasureJames: Authentic FaithJames 4:1-3Pastor Joshua Rager
June 4MorningThe Truth About DeathStandaloneJohn 11:1-16Pastor Joshua Rager
June 4EveningUntitledCommunionJohn 20:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
June 11MorningJesus vs DeathStandaloneJohn 11:17-36Pastor Joshua Rager
June 11EveningAsking for a SignMatthewMatthew 12:38-42Pastor Joshua Rager
June 18MorningThe Father's LoveMatthewLuke 15:11-32Pastor Joshua Rager
June 25MorningAm I Good EnoughMatthewRomans 3:10-23Pastor John Winden Jr
June 25EveningPrayerMatthewEphesians 6:18Pastor John Winden Jr
July 2MorningMary's Spiritual JourneyCommunionJohn 20:11-18Pastor Joshua Rager
July 9MorningFearStandaloneGenesis 15:1Pastor Roger Lyman
July 9EveningAweStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor Roger Lyman
July 23MorningA Good RelationshipJames: Authentic FaithJames 4:4-10Pastor Joshua Rager
July 23EveningActs 2:14-21ActsActs 2:14-21Pastor Joshua Rager
July 30MorningDon't Malign Other ChristiansJames: Authentic FaithJames 4:11-12Pastor Joshua Rager
July 30EveningActs 2:22-36ActsActs 2:22-36Pastor Joshua Rager
August 6MorningA Bad BetJames: Authentic FaithJames 4:13-17Pastor Joshua Rager
August 6EveningJohn 20:19-23ActsJohn 20:19-23Pastor Joshua Rager
August 13MorningThe Sins of MoneyJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:1-6Pastor Joshua Rager
August 13EveningActs 2:37-41ActsActs 2:37-41Pastor Joshua Rager
August 20MorningThe Long Fuse of the BelieverJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:7-11Pastor Joshua Rager
August 27MorningLiving TruthfullyJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:12Pastor Joshua Rager
August 27EveningGrowing the ChurchActsActs 2:42-47Pastor Joshua Rager
September 3MorningWhat Prayer Can DoJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:13-18Pastor Joshua Rager
September 10MorningThe Great Church-MissionJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:19-20Pastor Joshua Rager
September 10EveningSeeing is BelievingCommunionJohn 20:24-31Pastor Joshua Rager
September 17MorningThe Unsettling Path of Following GodA Boy Named David1 Samuel 16:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
September 17EveningDoes the Church Represent ChristActsActs 3:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
September 24MorningTraining for GreatnessA Boy Named David1 Samuel 16:12-23Pastor Joshua Rager
October 01MorningProne to WanderCommunionJohn 21:1-14Pastor Joshua Rager
October 01EveningAssumptionsActsActs 3:11-16Pastor Joshua Rager
October 08MorningYou Can't WinA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
October 15MorningThe God of the Little ThingsA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:12-20Pastor Joshua Rager
October 22MorningQuestionsA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:20-30Pastor Joshua Rager
October 22EveningDon't Stand DownActsActs 4:1-12Pastor Joshua Rager
October 29MorningConfidenceA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:31-40Pastor Joshua Rager
October 29EveningPray for Your EnemiesTeach Us to PrayMatthew 5:43-48Pastor Joshua Rager
November 5MorningThere is But One GodStandalone1 Samuel 5Pastor Roger Lyman
November 12MorningBig FaithA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:41-54Pastor Joshua Rager
November 26MorningThe Problem with SuccessA Boy Named David1 Samuel 18:6-16Pastor Joshua Rager
November 26EveningWhy I BelieveActsSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
December 3MorningWhy Is Christmas A Big Deal?Christmas According to PaulRomans 5:12-21Pastor Joshua Rager
December 3EveningUntitledCommunionJohn 21:20-25Pastor Joshua Rager
December 10MorningWhy God Became A ManChristmas According to PaulGalatians 4:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
December 17MorningThe Decent of ChristChristmas According to PaulPhilippians 2:5-8Pastor Joshua Rager
December 24MorningWhy Christians GiveChristmas According to Paul2 Corinthians 8:9Pastor Joshua Rager
December 24EveningThe Genealogy of JesusStandaloneMatthew 1:1Pastor Joshua Rager
December 31MorningThe Steps of a Good ManStandalonePsalms 37:23-24Pastor Roger Lyman
Date 2016ServiceMessage (Play/Download)SeriesScriptureSpeaker
January 3MorningWhat Jesus BelievedCommunionJohn 17:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
January 3EveningThe Happy ManThe PsalmsPsalm 1Pastor Joshua Rager
January 24MorningA Worthy WalkWe Are OneEphesians 4:1-3Pastor Joshua Rager
January 24EveningThe Crisis BackpackThe PsalmsPsalm 3Pastor Joshua Rager
January 31MorningWhat We Have in CommonWe Are OneEphesians 4:4-6Pastor Joshua Rager
February 7MorningGod's Gift to UsWe Are OneEphesians 4:7-10Pastor Joshua Rager
February 7EveningHigh Priestly PrayerCommunionJohn 17:6-12Pastor Joshua Rager
February 14MorningA Greater ChurchWe Are OneEphesians 4:11-13Pastor Joshua Rager
February 14EveningPsalm 6The PsalmsPsalm 6Pastor Joshua Rager
February 21MorningElements of Church GrowthWe Are OneEphesians 4:14-16Pastor Joshua Rager
February 21EveningPsalm 7The PsalmsPsalm 7Pastor Joshua Rager
February 28MorningTeam SportsWe Are OneRomans 12:3-8Pastor Joshua Rager
February 28EveningPsalm 8The PsalmsPsalm 8Pastor Joshua Rager
March 6MorningTen Commandments of LoveWe Are OneRomans 12:9-13Pastor Joshua Rager
March 6EveningJesus' Prayer RequestCommunionJohn 17:13-19Pastor Joshua Rager
March 13MorningFive Types of PeopleWe Are OneRomans 12:14-18Pastor Joshua Rager
March 20MorningVengeanceWe Are OneRomans 12:19-21Pastor Joshua Rager
March 20EveningPsalm 9The PsalmsPsalm 9Pastor Joshua Rager
March 27MorningThe Truth of LifeStandaloneHebrews 9:27-28Pastor Joshua Rager
April 3MorningPreserving UnityCommunionJohn 17:20-23Pastor Joshua Rager
April 3EveningPsalm 10The PsalmsPsalm 10Pastor Joshua Rager
April 10MorningRewards of a Good ChurchII Thessalonians2 Thess 1:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
April 10EveningPsalm 11The PsalmsPsalm 11Pastor Joshua Rager
April 17MorningPuzzles of the Second ComingII Thessalonians2 Thess 1:6-10Pastor Joshua Rager
April 24MorningLifestyles of the Right and FaithfulII Thessalonians2 Thess 1:11-12Pastor Joshua Rager
April 24EveningPsalm 12The PsalmsPsalm 12Pastor Joshua Rager
May 1MorningDo Not Be ShakenII Thessalonians2 Thess 2:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
May 8MorningRedemptive LoveStandaloneRuth 4:13-17Pastor Joshua Rager
May 15MorningThe False ComingII Thessalonians2 Thess 2:6-12Pastor Joshua Rager
May 15EveningUntitledCommunionJohn 17:24-26Pastor Joshua Rager
May 22MorningThe Humbling Truth of SalvaationII Thessalonians2 Thess 2:13-17Pastor Joshua Rager
May 22EveningPsalm 13The PsalmsPsalm 13Pastor Joshua Rager
May 29MorningBringing Prayer BackII Thessalonians2 Thess 3:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
June 5MorningWhy Work?II Thessalonians2 Thess 3:6-9Pastor Joshua Rager
June 5EveningCharacteristics of JesusCommunionJohn 18:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
June 12MorningGetting Back to WorkII Thessalonians2 Thess 3:10-14Pastor Joshua Rager
June 12EveningOur DepravityThe PsalmsPsalm 14Pastor Joshua Rager
June 19MorningThe Seasons of FatherhoodStandalonePsalm 127-128Pastor Joshua Rager
June 26MorningEnduranceII Thessalonians2 Thess 3:14-18Pastor Joshua Rager
July 3MorningIdentitiesCommunionJohn 18:12-18Pastor Joshua Rager
July 10MorningJustifiedStandaloneRomans 4:1-8Pastor Joshua Rager
July 24MorningHow Did This Happen?ExodusExodus 1:1-14Pastor Joshua Rager
July 31MorningLife and DeathExodusExodus 1:15-22Pastor Joshua Rager
July 31EveningPsalm 16The PsalmsPsalm 16Pastor Joshua Rager
August 7MorningMoses' ArkExodusExodus 2:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
August 7EveningScrutinyCommunionJohn 18:19-27Pastor Joshua Rager
August 14MorningGetting Ahead of GodExodusExodus 2:11-15Pastor Joshua Rager
August 14EveningPsalm 17The PsalmsPsalm 17Pastor Joshua Rager
August 21MorningRighting WrongsExodusExodus 2:16-25Pastor Joshua Rager
August 28MorningWho is God?ExodusExodus 3:1-12Pastor Joshua Rager
August 28EveningPsalm 19The PsalmsPsalm 19Pastor Joshua Rager
September 4MorningWhat is Truth?CommunionJohn 18:28-28Pastor Joshua Rager
September 11MorningWhat's in a Name?ExodusExodus 3:13-22Pastor Joshua Rager
September 18MorningExcusesExodusExodus 4:1-17Pastor Joshua Rager
September 18EveningFriendship2 Timothy2 Timothy 1:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
September 25MorningObstaclesExodusExodus 4:18-31Pastor Joshua Rager
September 25EveningDo Not Be Ashamed2 Timothy2 Timothy 1:6-11Pastor Joshua Rager
October 2MorningFinal JudgementRevelationRevelation 20:11-15Pastor Joshua Rager
October 2EveningExamine YourselfCommunion1 CorinthiansPastor Roger Lyman
October 9MorningMissing From HeavenRevelationRevelation 21:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
October 16MorningAnnouncementsRevelationRevelation 21:5-8Pastor Joshua Rager
October 23MorningThe New JerusalemRevelationRevelation 21:9-21Pastor Joshua Rager
October 23EveningNot Ashamed2 Timothy2 Timothy 1:12-18Pastor Joshua Rager
October 30MorningNothing to HideRevelationRevelation 21:22-27Pastor Joshua Rager
October 30EveningStrong in Grace2 Timothy2 Timothy 2:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
November 6MorningNew Jerusalem Travel BrochureRevelationRevelation 22:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
November 6EveningMan's TraditionCommunionJohn 18:39-19:7Pastor Joshua Rager
November 13MorningThe Future TodayRevelationRevelation 22:6-9Pastor Joshua Rager
November 20MorningThe Secret to SuccessRevelationRevelation 22:10-16Pastor Joshua Rager
November 27MorningWhat to do Until Christ ReturnsRevelationRevelation 22:17-21Pastor Joshua Rager
November 27EveningHow to Handle False Teachers2 Timothy2 Timothy 2:14-19Pastor Joshua Rager
December 4MorningA Jewish Christmas Part 1A Jewish ChristmasIsaiah 7:1-16Pastor Joshua Rager
December 4EveningWho is Jesus?CommunionJohn 19:8-16Pastor Joshua Rager
December 11MorningA Jewish Christmas Part 2A Jewish ChristmasIsaiah 9:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
December 18MorningA Jewish Christmas Part 3A Jewish ChristmasIsaiah 40:1-8Pastor Joshua Rager
December 25MorningWhy I Believe in JesusStandaloneMatthew 1:18-25Pastor Joshua Rager
Date 2015ServiceMessage (Play/Download)SeriesScriptureSpeaker
January 4MorningJesus Is GodCommunionJohn 14:1-6Pastor Joshua Rager
January 11MorningJacob and EsauThe Life of JacobGenesis 25:19-26Pastor Joshua Rager
January 11EveningWays to Deal with a Pastor1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 4:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
January 18MorningMmm.... Soup!The Life of JacobGenesis 25:27-34Pastor Joshua Rager
January 25MorningJacob's LadderThe Life of JacobGenesis 28:10-22Pastor Joshua Rager
January 25EveningAvoiding Spiritual Pride1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 4:8-13Pastor Joshua Rager
February 1MorningHang OnThe Life of JacobGenesis 32:24-32Pastor Joshua Rager
February 8MorningThe LetterStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor Roger Lyman
February 8EveningSearch YourselfCommunion1 Corinthians 11Pastor Roger Lyman
February 15MorningWhat's So Great About the Gospel?Christ AloneColossians 1:1-8Pastor Joshua Rager
February 15EveningSpiritual Parenting 1011 Corinthians1 Corinthians 4:14-21Pastor Joshua Rager
February 22MorningPraying for the WellChrist AloneColossians 1:9-12Pastor Joshua Rager
February 22EveningBiblical Discipline1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 5:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
March 1MorningThe Preeminent ChristChrist AloneColossians 1:13-19Pastor Joshua Rager
March 1EveningEverything Will Be AlrightCommunionJohn 14:16-24Pastor Joshua Rager
March 8MorningReconcilable DifferencesChrist AloneColossians 1:20-23Pastor Joshua Rager
March 8EveningQuestions of Discipline1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 5:6-13Pastor Joshua Rager
March 15MorningSuffering with a PurposeChrist AloneColossians 1:24-29Pastor Joshua Rager
March 22MorningWalk In HimChrist AloneColossians 2:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
March 29MorningUntitledChrist AloneColossians 2:8-10Pastor Joshua Rager
April 5MorningI Am the Living BreadStandaloneJohn 6:51Pastor Roger Lyman
April 12MorningAlive with HimChrist AloneColossians 2:11-15Pastor Joshua Rager
April 12EveningFlee Sexual Immorality1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 6:12-17Pastor Joshua Rager
April 19MorningDon't Judge MeChrist AloneColossians 2:16-19Pastor Joshua Rager
April 26MorningWorldly ExpectationsChrist AloneColossians 2:20-23Pastor Joshua Rager
May 3MorningSaying GoodbyeCommunionJohn 14:25-31Pastor Joshua Rager
May 10MorningClouded by BitternessStandaloneRuth 1:19b-22Pastor Joshua Rager
May 17MorningHeavenly MindedChrist AloneColossians 3:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
May 17EveningThe King and I1 Samuel1 Samuel 8:1-9
Pastor Joshua Rager
May 24MorningDeath to SinStandaloneColossians 3:5-11Pastor Joshua Rager
May 31MorningWhat to WearChrist AloneColossians 3:12-17Pastor Joshua Rager
June 7MorningThe Christian HomeChrist AloneColossians 3:18-21Pastor Joshua Rager
June 7EveningGrapevinesCommunionJohn 15:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
June 14MorningWorkChrist AloneColossians 3:22-4:1Pastor Joshua Rager
June 21MorningFathersStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
June 28MorningWhat Christians Have to SayChrist AloneColossians 4:2-6Pastor Joshua Rager
June 28EveningThe Cost for Replacing God1 Samuel1 Samuel 8:10-22Pastor Joshua Rager
July 5MorningA Friend of JesusCommunionSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
July 12MorningTen Little ChristiansChrist AloneColossians 4:7-18Pastor Joshua Rager
July 12EveningSaul and The Donkey1 Samuel1 Samuel 9:15-27Pastor Joshua Rager
July 26MorningDon't Be A Rich IdiotStewardshipProverbsPastor Joshua Rager
July 26EveningAnnointment1 Samuel 1 Samuel 10:1-16Pastor Joshua Rager
August 2MorningAbundant GivingStewardshipColossians 2:7-15Pastor Joshua Rager
August 9MorningDon't WorryStewardshipMatthew 5Pastor Joshua Rager
August 9EveningUntitled1 Samuel1 Samuel 10:17-27Pastor Joshua Rager
August 16MorningHiding God's Word in Your HeartStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor John WInden
August 16EveningHow to Memorize the ScripturesStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor John Winden
August 23MorningOur Compassionate LordEvangelismMatthew 9:23-38Pastor Joshua Rager
August 23EveningSaul Defeats the Ammonites1 Samuel1 Samuel 11Pastor Joshua Rager
August 30MorningWitness of the ChurchEvangelismActs 1:3-8bPastor Joshua Rager
September 6MorningJesus vs SinMiracles of JesusMatthew 8:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
September 13MorningMarvelousMiracles of JesusMatthew 8:5-13Pastor Joshua Rager
September 20MorningHe Is Worth ItMiracles of JesusMatthew 8:14-17Pastor Joshua Rager
September 20EveningLeaving a Legacy1 Samuel1 Samuel 12:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
September 27MorningFan or FollowerThe Authority of ChristMatthew 8:18-22Pastor Joshua Rager
September 27EveningA Choice1 Samuel1 Samuel 12:12-25Pastor Joshua Rager
October 4MorningThe Holy SpiritCommunionJohn 16:5-15Pastor Joshua Rager
October 11MorningCowardly LionsThe Authority of ChristMatthew 8:23-27Pastor Joshua Rager
October 11EveningThe VineyardStandaloneIsaiah 5:1-6Pastor Roger Lyman
October 18MorningAfraidThe Authority of ChristMatthew 8:28-34Pastor Joshua Rager
October 25MorningForgivenThe Authority of ChristMatthew 9:1-8Pastor Joshua Rager
October 25EveningTests1 Samuel1 Samuel 13Pastor Joshua Rager
November 1MorningJesus Friend of Sinners
The Authority of ChristMatthew 9:9-13Pastor Joshua Rager
November 1EveningPregnancy
CommunionJohn 16:16-22Pastor Joshua Rager
November 8MorningA New RelationshipThe Authority of ChristMatthew 9:14-17Pastor Joshua Rager
November 15MorningJesus Can HelpThe Authority of ChristMatthew 9:18-26Pastor Joshua Rager
November 15EveningThe Three HuntersStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor Roger Lyman
November 22MorningSeeing is BelievingThe Authority of ChristMatthew 9:27-34Pastor Joshua Rager
November 29MorningReady or Not, Here It ComesStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor Roger Lyman
November 29EveningLight of the WorldStandaloneJohn 8:12Pastor Roger Lyman
December 6MorningThe Joy of ChristmasAdvent: A Christmas StoryLuke 2:15-20Pastor Joshua Rager
December 6EveningSurvive and ThriveCommunionJohn 16:23-33Pastor Joshua Rager
December 13MorningThe Circumcision of ChristThe Infancy of Christ Luke 2:21-24Pastor Joshua Rager
December 20MorningSimeonAdvent: A Christmas StoryLuke 2:25-32Pastor Joshua Rager
December 27MorningCredibilityThe Infancy of ChristLuke 2:36-40Pastor Joshua Rager
December 27EveningPower, Problem, Purpose, ProductStandaloneJohn 9Pastor Roger Lyman
Date 2014ServiceMessage (Play/Download)SeriesScriptureSpeaker
January 5MorningThe Humiliation of GodMatthew 27:27-32Pastor Joshua Rager
January 12MorningExplosive GrowthActs 11:19-26Pastor Joshua Rager
January 12EveningWhat Love Does God Hate?1 John 2:15-17Pastor Roger Lyman
January 19MorningCompassionate GenerosityActs 11:27-30Pastor Joshua Rager
January 26MorningPersecution, Peter, and PrayerActs 12:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
January 26EveningHow to Get a Good Night's SleepSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
February 2EveningUntitledMatthew 27:33-44Pastor Joshua Rager
February 9MorningUntitledTitus 1:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
February 16MorningStewardship Part 1The Stewardship SeriesMatthew 25:14-30Pastor Joshua Rager
February 16EveningUntitledTitus 1:5-9Pastor Joshua Rager
February 23MorningStewardship Part 2The Stewardship SeriesProverbsPastor Joshua Rager
February 23EveningFalse TeachersTitus 1:10-16Pastor Joshua Rager
March 2MorningStewardship Part 3The Stewardship Series2 Corinthians 8:1-6Pastor Joshua Rager
March 2EveningCommunionMatthew 27:48-53Pastor Joshua Rager
March 9MorningStewardship Part 4The Stewardship Series2 Corinthians 9:6-11Pastor Joshua Rager
March 9EveningHow To Be A ChristianTitus 2:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
March 16MorningAre You a Contender?Jude 1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
March 16EveningWhy Did Jesus Come To Earth?Titus 2:11-15Pastor Joshua Rager
March 23MorningRebellionJude 5-10Pastor Joshua Rager
March 23EveningUntitledTitus 3:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
March 30MorningApostasyJude 11-16Pastor Joshua Rager
April 6MorningBuriedMatthew 27:55-61Pastor Joshua Rager
April 13MorningHosannaMatthew 21:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
April 13EveningUntitledTitus 3:8-15Pastor Joshua Rager
April 20MorningWe BelieveJohn 20:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
April 27MorningThe Bible is for RealJude 17-25Pastor Joshua Rager
May 4MorningHypocrisyMatthew 27:62-66Pastor Joshua Rager
May 11MorningWhat Jesus Had to Say About MothersSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
May 11EveningAn Ideal WomanProverbs 31Pastor Joshua Rager
May 18MorningThe Prodigal SonLuke 15Pastor Joshua Rager
May 18EveningWhat Troubled JesusSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
May 25MorningDemas2 Timothy 4:10Pastor Joshua Rager
June 1Morning25th Anniversary - The Past, Present, and FutureSelected ScripturesThe Pastors of Cornerstone
June 1Morning25th Anniversary - The Past, Present, and FutureHebrews 13:8Pastor Rager and Wood
June 8MorningYou Only Have One JobEvangelismMatthew 28:16-20Pastor Joshua Rager
June 8EveningUntitledSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
June 15MorningThe CallEvangelismMark 1:14-20Pastor Joshua Rager
June 22MorningThe Warning Side of EvangelismEvangelismEzekiel 33:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
June 22EveningBecoming a Man of God: Part 1Every Man's BattleSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
July 6EveningUntitledEvery Man's BattlePastor Joshua Rager
July 13MorningTrue FaithThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:1-3Pastor Joshua Rager
July 20MorningAntediluvian FaithThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:4-7Pastor Joshua Rager
July 27MorningThe Faith of AbrahamThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:8-19Pastor Joshua Rager
July 27EveningSaints1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 1:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
August 3MorningFuture FaithThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:20-22Pastor Joshua Rager
August 10MorningWorks vs. LawThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:23-19Pastor Joshua Rager
August 10EveningPreserving Unity1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 1:10-17Pastor Joshua Rager
August 24MorningWhen Faith Goes WrongThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:35-40Pastor Joshua Rager
August 24EveningUntitled1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 1:26-31Pastor Joshua Rager
August 31MorningWhat Are You So Happy About?Psalm 4Pastor Joshua Rager
September 7MorningHow to Look for GodAn Invisible Friend?Selected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
September 21MorningHow to Hear From GodAn Invisible Friend?Selected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
September 28MorningHow to Talk to GodAn Invisible Friend?Selected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
October 5MorningDirty JobsCommunionJohn 13:12-20Pastor Joshua Rager
October 12MorningHow to Love GodAn Invisible Friend?Selected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
October 12EveningImmature Christians1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 3:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
October 19MorningSoverign and Moral WillFinding God's WillRomans 12:1-2Pastor Joshua Rager
October 26MorningSoverign WillFinding God's WIllRomans 9:19-24Pastor Joshua Rager
November 2MorningJudge NotThe Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:1-6Pastor Joshua Rager
November 2EveningJesus' BetrayalCommunionJohn 13:21-30Pastor Joshua Rager
November 9MorningThe Golden RuleThe Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:7-12Pastor Joshua Rager
November 13Concert3687 Concert3687
November 16MorningBlood PoisoningThe Sermon on the MountSelected ScripturesPastor Roger Lyman
November 23MorningThe Narrow GateThe Sermon on the MountSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
November 30MorningFalse ProphetsThe Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:15-23Pastor Joshua Rager
December 7MorningTwo FoundationsThe Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:24-29Pastor Joshua Rager
December 7EveningThe Path of the SaviorCommunionJohn 13:31-38Pastor Joshua Rager
December 14MorningA Tablet for ChristmasLuke 1:57-66Pastor Joshua Rager
December 21MorningNot So Silent NightLuke 2:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
December 24EveJesus' StarMatthew 2Pastor Joshua Rager
Decemeber 28MorningUntitledPastor Joshua Rager
Date 2013ServiceMessageSeriesScriptureSpeaker
January 6MorningAn Impartial God-Pastor Roger Lyman
January 6EveningThe ParalyticThe Miracles of Jesus-Pastor Roger Lyman
January 13MorningDead Faith-Pastor Roger Lyman
January 13EveningThe Withered HandThe Miracles of Jesus-Pastor Roger Lyman
January 20MorningTaming the Tounge-Pastor Roger Lyman
January 27MorningThe Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom-Pastor Roger Lyman
January 27EveningThe Healing of the Centurion's ServantThe Miracles of Jesus-Pastor Roger Lyman
February 3MorningA Sermon From an Ant Hill-Pastor Roger Lyman
February 3EveningMarriage Supper of the Lamb-Pastor Roger Lyman
February 10ClassCreationGenesis 1:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
February 10MorningRun!!Hebrews 12:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
February 10EveningHate Leaves You HangingJonah 4:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
February 17MorningHalt! Who Goes There? Friend or Foe?-Pastor Roger Lyman
February 17EveningThe Widow's Son Risen-Pastor Roger Lyman
February 24MorningSubmit, Resist, Draw Near-Pastor Roger Lyman
February 24EveningStilling the StormThe Miracles of Jesus-Pastor Roger Lyman
March 3MorningIf You Can't Say Something Nice, Don't Say Anything At All-Pastor Roger Lyman
March 3EveningThe Two Blind MenThe Miracles of Jesus-Pastor Roger Lyman
March 10MorningHave Thine Own Way Lord-Pastor Roger Lyman
March 10EveningDemons Entering a Herd of SwineThe Miracles of Jesus-Pastor Roger Lyman
March 17MorningThe Wicked Rich and Patient Christian-Pastor Roger Lyman
March 17EveningHealing the Hemorrhaging WomanThe Miracles of Jesus-Pastor Roger Lyman