List of 2017 Sermons

Date 2017ServiceMessage (Play/Download)SeriesScriptureSpeaker
January 1MorningFive I Will Statements of ResolveStandaloneGenesis 3Pastor Roger Lyman
January 8MorningThe Satisfaction of the CrossCommunionJohn 19:17-25aPastor Joshua Rager
January 8EveningStay off the Bench2 Timothy2 Timothy 2:20-26Pastor Joshua Rager
January 15MorningWhat Trials Can Do for YouJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
January 22MorningAskJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:5-8Pastor Joshua Rager
January 22EveningUntitled2 Timothy2 Timothy 3:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
January 29MorningMoney Does Not Equal SuccessJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:9-11Pastor Joshua Rager
January 29EveningHow to be a Minister2 Timothy2 Timothy 3:10-14Pastor Joshua Rager
February 6MorningWho's At FaultJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:12-16Pastor Joshua Rager
February 6EveningThe Things Jesus FinishedCommunionJohn 19:25-30Pastor Joshua Rager
February 12MorningGod is GoodJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:17-18Pastor Joshua Rager
February 19MorningThe Christian's SwordJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:19-21Pastor Joshua Rager
February 19EveningHow to use the word of God2 Timothy2 Timothy 3:15-17Pastor Joshua Rager
February 26MorningYou Can't Audit ChristJames: Authentic FaithJames 1:22-25Pastor Joshua Rager
February 26EveningTen Commandments for Pastors2 Timothy2 Timothy 4:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
March 5MorningWorthless or Worthwhile?James: Authentic FaithJames 1:26-27Pastor Joshua Rager
March 5EveningProof of the Death of JesusCommunionJohn 19:31-37Pastor Joshua Rager
March 12MorningFavoritism in the ChurchJames: Authentic FaithJames 2:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
March 12EveningFight the Good Fight2 Timothy2 Timothy 4:6-8Pastor Joshua Rager
March 19MorningHow to Avoid DiscriminationJames: Authentic FaithJames 2:8-13Pastor Joshua Rager
March 19EveningWhat to Expect in Ministry2 Timothy2 Timothy 4:9-15Pastor Joshua Rager
March 26MorningFaith Without WorksJames: Authentic FaithJames 2:14-20Pastor Joshua Rager
March 26EveningAbandoned2 Timothy2 Timothy 5:16-22Pastor Joshua Rager
April 9MorningWho is Jesus?StandaloneMark 11:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
April 9EveningOkay to Break God's LawMatthewMatthew 12:1-8Pastor Joshua Rager
April 23MorningTrue FaithJames: Authentic FaithJames 2:21-26Pastor Joshua Rager
April 30MorningOh Be Careful Little MouthJames: Authentic FaithJames 3:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
April 30EveningA Kingdom Against ItselfMatthewMatthew 12:22-29Pastor Joshua Rager
May 7MorningA Tongue Safety CourseJames: Authentic FaithJames 3:5-12Pastor Joshua Rager
May 7EveningThe Burial of JesusCommunionJohn 19:38-42Pastor Joshua Rager
May 14MorningThe Worlds Worst MothersStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
May 21MorningWhat Kind of Smart Are You?James: Authentic FaithJames 3:13-18Pastor Joshua Rager
May 21EveningThe Unforgivable SinMatthewMatthew 12:30-37Pastor Joshua Rager
May 28MorningIn Pursuit of PleasureJames: Authentic FaithJames 4:1-3Pastor Joshua Rager
June 4MorningThe Truth About DeathStandaloneJohn 11:1-16Pastor Joshua Rager
June 4EveningUntitledCommunionJohn 20:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
June 11MorningJesus vs DeathStandaloneJohn 11:17-36Pastor Joshua Rager
June 11EveningAsking for a SignMatthewMatthew 12:38-42Pastor Joshua Rager
June 18MorningThe Father's LoveMatthewLuke 15:11-32Pastor Joshua Rager
June 25MorningAm I Good EnoughMatthewRomans 3:10-23Pastor John Winden Jr
June 25EveningPrayerMatthewEphesians 6:18Pastor John Winden Jr
July 2MorningMary's Spiritual JourneyCommunionJohn 20:11-18Pastor Joshua Rager
July 9MorningFearStandaloneGenesis 15:1Pastor Roger Lyman
July 9EveningAweStandaloneSelected ScripturesPastor Roger Lyman
July 23MorningA Good RelationshipJames: Authentic FaithJames 4:4-10Pastor Joshua Rager
July 23EveningActs 2:14-21ActsActs 2:14-21Pastor Joshua Rager
July 30MorningDon't Malign Other ChristiansJames: Authentic FaithJames 4:11-12Pastor Joshua Rager
July 30EveningActs 2:22-36ActsActs 2:22-36Pastor Joshua Rager
August 6MorningA Bad BetJames: Authentic FaithJames 4:13-17Pastor Joshua Rager
August 6EveningJohn 20:19-23ActsJohn 20:19-23Pastor Joshua Rager
August 13MorningThe Sins of MoneyJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:1-6Pastor Joshua Rager
August 13EveningActs 2:37-41ActsActs 2:37-41Pastor Joshua Rager
August 20MorningThe Long Fuse of the BelieverJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:7-11Pastor Joshua Rager
August 27MorningLiving TruthfullyJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:12Pastor Joshua Rager
August 27EveningGrowing the ChurchActsActs 2:42-47Pastor Joshua Rager
September 3MorningWhat Prayer Can DoJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:13-18Pastor Joshua Rager
September 10MorningThe Great Church-MissionJames: Authentic FaithJames 5:19-20Pastor Joshua Rager
September 10EveningSeeing is BelievingCommunionJohn 20:24-31Pastor Joshua Rager
September 17MorningThe Unsettling Path of Following GodA Boy Named David1 Samuel 16:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
September 17EveningDoes the Church Represent ChristActsActs 3:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
September 24MorningTraining for GreatnessA Boy Named David1 Samuel 16:12-23Pastor Joshua Rager
October 01MorningProne to WanderCommunionJohn 21:1-14Pastor Joshua Rager
October 01EveningAssumptionsActsActs 3:11-16Pastor Joshua Rager
October 08MorningYou Can't WinA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
October 15MorningThe God of the Little ThingsA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:12-20Pastor Joshua Rager
October 22MorningQuestionsA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:20-30Pastor Joshua Rager
October 22EveningDon't Stand DownActsActs 4:1-12Pastor Joshua Rager
October 29MorningConfidenceA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:31-40Pastor Joshua Rager
October 29EveningPray for Your EnemiesTeach Us to PrayMatthew 5:43-48Pastor Joshua Rager
November 5MorningThere is But One GodStandalone1 Samuel 5Pastor Roger Lyman
November 12MorningBig FaithA Boy Named David1 Samuel 17:41-54Pastor Joshua Rager
November 26MorningThe Problem with SuccessA Boy Named David1 Samuel 18:6-16Pastor Joshua Rager
November 26EveningWhy I BelieveActsSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
December 3MorningWhy Is Christmas A Big Deal?Christmas According to PaulRomans 5:12-21Pastor Joshua Rager
December 3EveningUntitledCommunionJohn 21:20-25Pastor Joshua Rager
December 10MorningWhy God Became A ManChristmas According to PaulGalatians 4:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
December 17MorningThe Decent of ChristChristmas According to PaulPhilippians 2:5-8Pastor Joshua Rager
December 24MorningWhy Christians GiveChristmas According to Paul2 Corinthians 8:9Pastor Joshua Rager
December 24EveningThe Genealogy of JesusStandaloneMatthew 1:1Pastor Joshua Rager
December 31MorningThe Steps of a Good ManStandalonePsalms 37:23-24Pastor Roger Lyman