List of 2014 Sermons

Date 2014ServiceMessage (Play/Download)SeriesScriptureSpeaker
January 5MorningThe Humiliation of GodMatthew 27:27-32Pastor Joshua Rager
January 12MorningExplosive GrowthActs 11:19-26Pastor Joshua Rager
January 12EveningWhat Love Does God Hate?1 John 2:15-17Pastor Roger Lyman
January 19MorningCompassionate GenerosityActs 11:27-30Pastor Joshua Rager
January 26MorningPersecution, Peter, and PrayerActs 12:1-5Pastor Joshua Rager
January 26EveningHow to Get a Good Night's SleepSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
February 2EveningUntitledMatthew 27:33-44Pastor Joshua Rager
February 9MorningUntitledTitus 1:1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
February 16MorningStewardship Part 1The Stewardship SeriesMatthew 25:14-30Pastor Joshua Rager
February 16EveningUntitledTitus 1:5-9Pastor Joshua Rager
February 23MorningStewardship Part 2The Stewardship SeriesProverbsPastor Joshua Rager
February 23EveningFalse TeachersTitus 1:10-16Pastor Joshua Rager
March 2MorningStewardship Part 3The Stewardship Series2 Corinthians 8:1-6Pastor Joshua Rager
March 2EveningCommunionMatthew 27:48-53Pastor Joshua Rager
March 9MorningStewardship Part 4The Stewardship Series2 Corinthians 9:6-11Pastor Joshua Rager
March 9EveningHow To Be A ChristianTitus 2:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
March 16MorningAre You a Contender?Jude 1-4Pastor Joshua Rager
March 16EveningWhy Did Jesus Come To Earth?Titus 2:11-15Pastor Joshua Rager
March 23MorningRebellionJude 5-10Pastor Joshua Rager
March 23EveningUntitledTitus 3:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
March 30MorningApostasyJude 11-16Pastor Joshua Rager
April 6MorningBuriedMatthew 27:55-61Pastor Joshua Rager
April 13MorningHosannaMatthew 21:1-11Pastor Joshua Rager
April 13EveningUntitledTitus 3:8-15Pastor Joshua Rager
April 20MorningWe BelieveJohn 20:1-10Pastor Joshua Rager
April 27MorningThe Bible is for RealJude 17-25Pastor Joshua Rager
May 4MorningHypocrisyMatthew 27:62-66Pastor Joshua Rager
May 11MorningWhat Jesus Had to Say About MothersSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
May 11EveningAn Ideal WomanProverbs 31Pastor Joshua Rager
May 18MorningThe Prodigal SonLuke 15Pastor Joshua Rager
May 18EveningWhat Troubled JesusSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
May 25MorningDemas2 Timothy 4:10Pastor Joshua Rager
June 1Morning25th Anniversary - The Past, Present, and FutureSelected ScripturesThe Pastors of Cornerstone
June 1Morning25th Anniversary - The Past, Present, and FutureHebrews 13:8Pastor Rager and Wood
June 8MorningYou Only Have One JobEvangelismMatthew 28:16-20Pastor Joshua Rager
June 8EveningUntitledSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
June 15MorningThe CallEvangelismMark 1:14-20Pastor Joshua Rager
June 22MorningThe Warning Side of EvangelismEvangelismEzekiel 33:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
June 22EveningBecoming a Man of God: Part 1Every Man's BattleSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
July 6EveningUntitledEvery Man's BattlePastor Joshua Rager
July 13MorningTrue FaithThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:1-3Pastor Joshua Rager
July 20MorningAntediluvian FaithThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:4-7Pastor Joshua Rager
July 27MorningThe Faith of AbrahamThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:8-19Pastor Joshua Rager
July 27EveningSaints1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 1:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
August 3MorningFuture FaithThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:20-22Pastor Joshua Rager
August 10MorningWorks vs. LawThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:23-19Pastor Joshua Rager
August 10EveningPreserving Unity1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 1:10-17Pastor Joshua Rager
August 24MorningWhen Faith Goes WrongThe Faith SeriesHebrews 11:35-40Pastor Joshua Rager
August 24EveningUntitled1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 1:26-31Pastor Joshua Rager
August 31MorningWhat Are You So Happy About?Psalm 4Pastor Joshua Rager
September 7MorningHow to Look for GodAn Invisible Friend?Selected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
September 21MorningHow to Hear From GodAn Invisible Friend?Selected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
September 28MorningHow to Talk to GodAn Invisible Friend?Selected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
October 5MorningDirty JobsCommunionJohn 13:12-20Pastor Joshua Rager
October 12MorningHow to Love GodAn Invisible Friend?Selected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
October 12EveningImmature Christians1 Corinthians1 Corinthians 3:1-9Pastor Joshua Rager
October 19MorningSoverign and Moral WillFinding God's WillRomans 12:1-2Pastor Joshua Rager
October 26MorningSoverign WillFinding God's WIllRomans 9:19-24Pastor Joshua Rager
November 2MorningJudge NotThe Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:1-6Pastor Joshua Rager
November 2EveningJesus' BetrayalCommunionJohn 13:21-30Pastor Joshua Rager
November 9MorningThe Golden RuleThe Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:7-12Pastor Joshua Rager
November 13Concert3687 Concert3687
November 16MorningBlood PoisoningThe Sermon on the MountSelected ScripturesPastor Roger Lyman
November 23MorningThe Narrow GateThe Sermon on the MountSelected ScripturesPastor Joshua Rager
November 30MorningFalse ProphetsThe Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:15-23Pastor Joshua Rager
December 7MorningTwo FoundationsThe Sermon on the MountMatthew 7:24-29Pastor Joshua Rager
December 7EveningThe Path of the SaviorCommunionJohn 13:31-38Pastor Joshua Rager
December 14MorningA Tablet for ChristmasLuke 1:57-66Pastor Joshua Rager
December 21MorningNot So Silent NightLuke 2:1-7Pastor Joshua Rager
December 24EveJesus' StarMatthew 2Pastor Joshua Rager
Decemeber 28MorningUntitledPastor Joshua Rager